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I have Engine BMW s14 prepared NEW 2L FOR F2000 OR FORMULA. Interested buyer should please contact me. Thanks

Posted Jun 15, 2019  to Spare Part
13500 EUR

This is a complete gearbox and include STI N14 Housing 6 Speed gr N gearkit GR N Front diff Centerdiff CDDC Main gearration is 3.9:1 Gear R...

Posted Jun 10, 2019  to Spare Part
8600 EUR

There are no extra parts, cause engine is complete and ready to fit. There are all of accesories like Alternator, manifolds, turbo, flywheel, engin...

Posted Jun 10, 2019  to Spare Part
10700 EUR

Mitsubishi EVO 9 Engine for sale and in perfect condition.new engine from the factory- still in its box.This is a complete engine and ready to be...

Posted Jun 10, 2019  to Spare Part
5100 EUR

very good condition.This include Clio R3 box control, display, cable M.A, bearing and extension gimbals, oil cooler with hoses, flywheel pulley dum...

Posted Jun 10, 2019  to Spare Part
6500 EUR

This is a very good working condition.. This is a complete gearbox and in good condition.Please contact me if interested

Posted Jun 10, 2019  to Spare Part
3000 EUR

In very good condition and this is a complete gearbox. Come with the driveshaft . This gearbox is in excellent condition and the final ratio 12x61....

Posted Jun 10, 2019  to Spare Part
4700 EUR
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