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For sale Ford Fiesta supercar Chassis jernberg Engine 2.0 Cosworth 540hp Gearbox GBS Brand new reiger shocks Just ready after...

Posted Feb 29, 2024  to Supercar (RX1)
53000 EUR

JAM motorsport non-damaged body with FIA GOLD rallycross passport. Right-hand drive

Posted Feb 26, 2024  to Super1600 (RX3)
2500 EUR

Chassis of Fabia II with installed 25CrMo4 rollcage with FIA homologation, big tunnel ready for use longitudal or transversal installed engine. It ...

Posted Feb 25, 2024  to Supercar (RX1)
9000 EUR

Peugeot 208 S1600 - full carbon, newly rebuild 0 km! Car was completely rebuild in 2022. Engine 0 km, Gearbox 0 km, Dampers 0 km. ------------...

Posted Feb 14, 2024  to Super1600 (RX3)
41900 EUR

2 pcs of intercooler for VW Polo Supercar one for 1200 EUR, second for 1000EUR.

Posted Feb 12, 2024  to Spare Part
1200 EUR

Brake discs - 4 pcs - 2200 EUR Brake holder - 1 pcs - 1600 EUR

Posted Feb 12, 2024  to Spare Part
2200 EUR

X-track seqvential, 9” Ford diffs, tibuk, engine just serviced Pro Engines ( Montune block, head Jernberg). New pdm electrik. Big parts, x track ge...

Posted Feb 09, 2024  to Supercar (RX1)
49000 EUR

Zomer Motor 236 Hp 200 Nm Sadev 6 speed sequential Reiger shocks with CCV Alcon brakes front AP brakes rear AIM dash Tilton pedals Alcon cl...

Posted Jan 29, 2024  to Super1600 (RX3)
70000 EUR

RX3 Skoda Fabia Super 1600 Ex Volland Several victories and podiums in RX3. Won the last race of the 2023 season in RX3. - Engine Lehmann (O...

Posted Jan 18, 2024  to Super1600 (RX3)
Price on Application

Ex. Coox build by Ingvar Gunnarsson. Trollspeed engine and Sellholm transmission. Engine complete rebuild a few races ago with new crankshaft, ne...

Posted Jan 16, 2024  to Supercar (RX1)
65000 EUR

Seat Ibiza Super1600 for sale The car is after full rebuild of engine, gearbox, body, etc. Sadev gearbox Sachs clutch Kupstas shock absorbers...

Posted Dec 28, 2023  to Super1600 (RX3)
Price on Application

Ford escort cosworth division 1 car from belgium 1998-2004 GBS 5spees seq, bara motorsport 7,5" diff front and rear new 2022 Sverre Isachsen en...

Posted Dec 12, 2023  to Supercar (RX1)
40000 EUR

Renault Megane RS WRX Supercars RX1, well known from the World Rallycross Championship. The Megane RS WRX offers technical innovations never see...

Posted Dec 07, 2023  to Supercar (RX1)
Please Contact

KMS sell 2 Renault Twingo S1600 ex Set Promotion Built in 2012 and 2015 Engine K4M 240hp/220Nm Gearbox Sadev ST82 Reiger Dampers Gems EC...

Posted Dec 05, 2023  to Super1600 (RX3)
65000 EUR

Volkswagen Polo RX1 spec 2016 ex Kristoffersson Motorsport Engine Trollspeed Spec 2018 with ALS and Fresh Air System 8 races done Turbo Garrett...

Posted Dec 05, 2023  to Supercar (RX1)
190000 EUR

For sale Ford fiesta supercar. Ex-MJP-racing, updated in -22-23. New PIPO engine, with garret TR35 gen2 update, 660hp/980nm, 150km driven New el...

Posted Dec 05, 2023  to Supercar (RX1)
Please Contact

Built according FIA specs Engine 1.6 16V (Zomer motorsport - 5 races): 205 pK, 184 Nm DTA S60 PRO Gearbox SADEV ST75-14, 6sp REIGER dampers wit...

Posted Dec 04, 2023  to Super1600 (RX3)
41500 EUR

MDS-Custom engine, rebuilt, with Motec M150 ECU. Garret-motorsport turbo, fresh-air. Complete UNIC-Transmission with realese, 0km after service. ...

Posted Dec 04, 2023  to Supercar (RX1)
149000 EUR

Rollcage (not homolgated) Fiberglass bumbers Polycarbonate rear and side windows Aluminum bottom protector Water heater and battery in the back...

Posted Nov 29, 2023  to TouringCar
25000 EUR

Escort cosworth cylider head from division 1 car. Fully rebuild, bigger valves. Serius porting, cat cams etc. 550hp with 45mm restrictor.

Posted Nov 23, 2023  to Spare Part
2800 EUR

Peugeot S1600 engine built Vančík motorsport engine type EW Power 219 HP Okm after revision complete exhaust ECU Euro 4

Posted Nov 21, 2023  to Spare Part
11000 EUR

Complete bodyshell Peugeot 207 S1600 homologated custom cage 2x metal left door 2x rear doors L + R front fender 1x front bumper 1x rear bump...

Posted Nov 21, 2023  to Super1600 (RX3)
14000 EUR

Eco trailer ET2A permissible weight 3000kg net system in the side wheel holder winch storage space in the floor

Posted Nov 20, 2023  to Trailer
13000 EUR

Škoda Fabia S1600 built in 2020 raced in FIA Euro RX3 engine Vančík Motorsport 234 PS/205 Nm GEMS ecu for Euro RX Sadev gearbox set ST 75/14 ...

Posted Nov 20, 2023  to Super1600 (RX3)
120000 EUR

For sale Suzuki swift Super 1600! It was built in 2018.In 2023 the car was rebuilt,like totally new car! For Rallycross and Rally. Gearbox Sa...

Posted Nov 17, 2023  to Super1600 (RX3)
Please Contact

Original Opel Motorsport/Ray Mallock Ex. Kaersmacker, Tesdal Zomer engine Sadev 6 speed sequential gearbox 3 ways Reiger suspension all aro...

Posted Oct 29, 2023  to Super1600 (RX3)
23000 EUR

Iveco Daily 3.0 for sale 132kW, 8-speed automatic gearbox mileage 58000km towing 35OOkg used as a service car for racing purposes, built-in ...

Posted Oct 29, 2023  to Race Truck/Bus
31000 EUR

The AVY engine Cam kit shown in the pictures is for sale! -Cams -Rocker arms -Valve springs -Upper retainers -Solid cam followers Used, good ...

Posted Oct 26, 2023  to Spare Part
1150 EUR

Ford Fiesta FWD Chassis Former European S1600 car Build by Jimmy Farsbo/Omse Sertified rollcage 3way öhlins front and rear Alcon brakes front...

Posted Oct 12, 2023  to Super1600 (RX3)
21000 EUR

For sale engine VW 1.6 16v, construction K2 - p. Kouřil, 216PS, 200Nm, 4-valve Jenvey, ceramic clutch AP racing, sequential gearbox 3MO - 6kvalt a...

Posted Oct 10, 2023  to Rallycross - other
20000 EUR

2x Hungarian champion Ford Fiesta STC-1600 for sale. FIA Gold Pass, DTA ecu Bilstein suspension, 5-speed Bezeda "H" racing gearbox, with sequenti...

Posted Oct 04, 2023  to RCE Supertouringcar–
21500 EUR

Renault Twingo S1600 The car its all build and maintenance by Set Promotion Engine Renault by set promotion with last revision in Swindon Gearbo...

Posted Oct 03, 2023  to Super1600 (RX3)
Price on Application

Engine Callaghan VW 2.0 16v Turbo Power: 550HP Torque: 840Nm Electronic Pectel SQ6M Gearbox sequential Suspension Reiger Spare parts

Posted Sep 26, 2023  to TouringCar
85000 EUR

For sale Citroen DS3 Rallycross Supercar Completely rebuild Specification: Julian Godfrey engine 610CV Garrett turbo Tibuc intake manifold...

Posted Sep 12, 2023  to Supercar (RX1)
Price on Application

Some spare parts for VW Trolspeed engine Supercar. Price for all in photos: 12500 EUR

Posted Sep 06, 2023  to Spare Part
12500 EUR

VW Trollspeed engine for Supercar !2 pcs available in store! One Okm, second only 2 races 2,0l 618 bhp/816Nm Available with exhaust, wiring lo...

Posted Sep 05, 2023  to Spare Part
30000 EUR

VW Callaghan engine for Supercar New in 2023, 0km 2,0l 578 bhp/781Nm With turbo, servo pumps, wastegate, engine holder, first part of the exhau...

Posted Aug 30, 2023  to Spare Part
18000 EUR

Built 2015 by Kristoffersson Motorsport as #004 Trollspeed engine with fresh air system (after revision) 618 bhp/816 Nm Öhlins suspension Pectel...

Posted Aug 29, 2023  to Supercar (RX1)
190000 EUR

Saxo super 1600 for sale. Engine built and serviced by Alternative Engineering in Denmark, engine has run 6 races since review. Sadev 5 step sequ...

Posted Aug 14, 2023  to Super1600 (RX3)
17900 EUR

I offer for sale my 560hp engine for sale!

Posted Aug 04, 2023  to Supercar (RX1)
34000 EUR

Renault Clio SuperCar, Built in ProPulsion, Suspension: Ohlins, Gearbox: Sadev, Diffs: Sadev, FIA PASS and Homologation, Sadev 1 ...

Posted Jul 17, 2023  to Supercar (RX1)
60000 EUR

New rebuild car Engine 530hp/700nm Gearbox and dampers samsonas-motorsport Suspention momentum-motorsport Ecu emtron-kv8 pdm ecu-master keypa...

Posted Jul 13, 2023  to Supercar (RX1)
48000 EUR

VW Scirocco supercar buildt by KMS Kristoffersons motorsport in 2013. Total rebuild 2022/2023 and 100% race ready Igmab rollecage Igmab chassi...

Posted Jul 10, 2023  to Supercar (RX1)
70000 EUR

First reg 2006 ,Build in 2018 1+8 seats TV,Multimedia 6 sleeping places Kitchen Shower,WC,fridge Rear garage 6,5m with 2t lift Side tent 7x...

Posted Jul 07, 2023  to Race Truck/Bus
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Build by Msport,ex Block,Arpin GRC car Pipo FRC engine Sadev transmission Reiger dampers Cosworth electronics Ready to race condition Pri...

Posted Jul 07, 2023  to Supercar (RX1)
Please Contact

For sale Citroen C4 SuperCar build by Hansen Motorsport. Car is based on WRC Citroen Sport. Engine Oreca XU7 rebulid in LAD - Louviers Auto Dével...

Posted Jun 16, 2023  to Supercar (RX1)
120000 EUR

MK 1 Skoda body for sale. VND rollcage, FIA Gold technical passport!

Posted Jun 02, 2023  to Rallycross - other
Price on Application

X Marklund. Newly renovated. Unic transmission. Trollspeed engine. Motec ECU Reiger suspension Everything has been refurbished and has 0km ...

Posted Mar 24, 2023  to Supercar (RX1)
185000 EUR

Complete new build. Front axle from S2000 EVO3, rear axle with doble a arms, Rieger with corner control. 2,0 16V High compresion engine 530 Hp -...

Posted Mar 16, 2023  to Supercar (RX1)
Make an Offer

It was my spare dampers, all works well.

Posted Mar 03, 2023  to Supercar (RX1)
3500 EUR

I offer for sale my Oreca Citroen Supercar engine! You just need to fit into the car and race! 560hp

Posted Mar 03, 2023  to Supercar (RX1)
37000 EUR

For sale SADEV 90-18 4wd gearbox evolution 1st with diff change option Condition like NEW ( was used as spare gearbox) Clutch shaft 23/1^ 1-3.00...

Posted Feb 26, 2023  to Spare Part
25000 EUR

For sale is the zommer exhaust manifold (CHBB) used in the autocross shown in the pictures

Posted Feb 23, 2023  to Spare Part
400 EUR

For sale 2 Oreca engines Built year: 2018 1.: 3 races 2.: need to rebuild

Posted Feb 07, 2023  to Spare Part
Please Contact

For sale Sadev St 90-18 spare gearbox, it has 4 races after rebuild. For more questions contact me on e-mail

Posted Feb 07, 2023  to Spare Part
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A vendre SUZUKI SWIFT s1600 Rallycross Moteur Le Ny Compétition 235ch 20mkg des 4000t/min révisé. Boîte Sadev ST75 Nombreuses pièces d’ava...

Posted Feb 01, 2023  to Super1600 (RX3)
35000 EUR

TOYOTA YARIS 1600 PROFFESIONAL BUILT !!! Drive Train build by: Henk van de Warrenburg. Engine : Toyota 1600 20V With KMS ECU ( +-175PS ) (E...

Posted Jan 09, 2023  to Super1600 (RX3)
12500 EUR

Volvo s40 3.0 16v RWD made by Gunarsson Engine Motordesign Mikuni's with powerjets Unic 5 speed sequentiel Ohlins front and rear AP racing br...

Posted Dec 14, 2022  to Supernational
47500 EUR

Peugeot 207 Super1600 Car was built in 2017 Austrian Vice Champion 2020 New Engine from Dobrowolski Motorsport only 2 races 220 HP Gearbox: Do...

Posted Dec 11, 2022  to Super1600 (RX3)
44990 EUR

Supercar racing car for sale or trade. Price negotiable. Completely new car. It hasn't raced yet. Lots of spare parts. Plus one 1.6cm3 Trollsped en...

Posted Dec 04, 2022  to TouringCar
135000 EUR

Renault Midlum DXI 220 Year 9/2008 Km. 442.000 Euro4, AdBlue, 7,5 ton, Trailer hitch 3.500KG., Lift 1.500KG., Airsuspension rear, Only 2 owner...

Posted Nov 02, 2022  to Race Truck/Bus
33000 EUR

Vendo Skoda Fabia S1600 Volland racing N°002 Carro campeão português 2021 Passaporte gold , alemão e português Apto para o euro RX Motor no...

Posted Oct 22, 2022  to Super1600 (RX3)
81000 EUR

Oreca Citroen engine for sale!! 2 races before rebuild. 570hp

Posted Oct 10, 2022  to Supercar (RX1)
37000 EUR

4A-GE 20V fully forged engine maped on Panta max fuel Hewland/Suzuki JWRC Sequential 6-speed gearbox Link Ecu, lateral suspension on fluro motors...

Posted Oct 04, 2022  to Super1600 (RX3)
16500 EUR

VW Golf MK2 for sale. Car built in 2020 by Ligur Racing. In front McPherson suspension, Reiger dampers. Engine – Ligur Racing, Kulikovski 5-spee...

Posted Sep 28, 2022  to Super1600 (RX3)
32000 EUR

For sale very reliable rallycross Peugeot 206 Super1600 with FIA gold passport. Freshly rebuilt and 100% ready to race. Car comes with spares. S...

Posted Sep 23, 2022  to Super1600 (RX3)
Please Contact

For sale Sadev St 90-18 spare gearbox,all after full rebuild with new parts,condition like new! For more questions and photos,call or emeil

Posted Sep 09, 2022  to Spare Part
17000 EUR

Skoda Fabia MK3 RX3 for sale. Car built in 2020 by Ligur Racing. In front McPherson suspension, Reiger dampers. Engine – Ligur Racing, Sadev ...

Posted Sep 03, 2022  to Super1600 (RX3)
120000 EUR

Search Engine Mitsubishi EVO X 10 4B11T Orginal, Group N / A or Free Class, Complet, Parts Damaged, etc. All Offers

Posted Aug 21, 2022  to Wanted
Please Contact


Posted Aug 08, 2022  to Spare Part
3500 GBP

For Sale Renault Twingo S1600/RX3 ex Set Promotion with new 2022 Spec K4M Engine 245hp/220Nm (150km) Sadev ST82 Sequential 6Speed Gearbox (150...

Posted Jul 25, 2022  to Super1600 (RX3)
Price on Application

Technical card (rallycross) Rollcage according latest regulations Gearbox BECKERT 6-speed sequential (brand new) Opel C20XE 2l race engine (ITBs...

Posted Jun 30, 2022  to TouringCar
25000 EUR

Looking for a drivetrain for a 2.5 L N/A (Ford Duratec, no Turbo) Supercar, Div 3 car. You have something used/revised for sale? Please send pic...

Posted Jun 08, 2022  to Wanted
Price on Application

Mecanica pinto recubicado a 2.200c.c. cigueñal cosworth, bielas y pistones alta compresion, arbol de levas, culata hecha con valvulas grandes, cole...

Posted Jun 08, 2022  to Other Race Car - RWD
25000 EUR

Albert Llovera's Super Car Lite (number 23) on sale. Just 2 season races (2018 + 2019) on RX2. No accidents Recent revised and new painted for n...

Posted May 17, 2022  to RX2
100000 EUR

Ex hungarian rallycross champion is for sale. Polo engine, Proflex suspension, AP brakes, Felicia gearbox with sperr, DTA S60ECU. Homolog seat, ...

Posted May 11, 2022  to Super1600 (RX3)
17500 EUR

Mazda RX-8 2.0 Turbo 4x4 I'm selling an autocross race car. Engine by Vasport Racing, 530hp. Gearbox: sequential 5-speed by Beckert Suspension: ...

Posted May 06, 2022  to TouringCar
32000 EUR

BMW mini cooper s rallycross car. Bare shell build by Tony Bardy motorsport early 2020 Weld in cage supplied and fitted by custom cages Full bar...

Posted May 04, 2022  to Rallycross - other
14999 GBP

Astra G T16 parts 1 x red top reverse cylindre engine 2000cc 520bhp rallycross engine. Developed and built by Swindon. Rebuilt by Julian Godferr...

Posted May 04, 2022  to Spare Part
Make an Offer

2.0 260HP / 200Nm engine by Köhler Racing from Sweden with launch control and ignition cut (rebuilt 3 events ago) DTA ecu Tractive 6-speed gearbo...

Posted Apr 19, 2022  to TouringCar
59000 EUR

Citroen Ds3 SuperCar Chassi Hansen Motorsport Engine Julien Godfrey sadev gearbox reiger dampers fully revisioned ready to race revisio...

Posted Feb 22, 2022  to Supercar (RX1)
Please Contact

Fiberglass kit for VFTS Front fenders Rear fenders 6pcs fender flares Possible to order in Kevlar

Posted Feb 14, 2022  to Spare Part
700 EUR

Fiberglass wide body panels, flexible. Front bumper Front fenders Rear fenders Rear bumper Possible to order in Kevlar

Posted Feb 14, 2022  to Spare Part
900 EUR

I will sell a body kit for a Ford Focus RX. The whole set is 100% Ken Block Focus RX copy. All elements are made of fiberglass. The rear spoiler ...

Posted Feb 09, 2022  to Spare Part
Price on Application

Hello, I'm looking for an older/budget Supercar 4x4 (Touring Autocross, DIV1) or Super 1600, STC2000 etc. for Rallycross or Autocross, e.g. Ford...

Posted Feb 02, 2022  to Wanted
Please Contact

FORS TECHNOLOGIES OFFERS YOU THE FORS CLIO V RS RX : • The FORS Clio V RS RX with spare part (price is without spare part and tax). • The FOR...

Posted Jan 18, 2022  to Rallycross - other
29500 EUR

FORS TECHNOLOGIES OFFERS YOU THE GCK MEGANE RS RX : • The GCK Megane RS RX for sale with spare part (the price is without tax and spare part). ...

Posted Jan 18, 2022  to Supercar (RX1)
300000 EUR

All parts to build RX Spec Evo Evo 8 bodyshell withh rollcage,all bodyparts fiberglass Forged Evo8 engine parts,new pistons,crankshaft,rods Borg...

Posted Dec 28, 2021  to Supercar (RX1)
18500 EUR

Ready for the 2022 season Engine: provides 220 HP and 197 NM 475 SS KM since rebuild Super 1600 engine Gearbox: Sadev ST 75 6speed sequential. Shoc...

Posted Dec 25, 2021  to Other Race Car - FWD
31900 EUR

KM 274000 DATE 07/03/1998 VASP 8 SEATS 2 TV Centralized three-phase Multi Zone air conditioning. Double three-phase 63A electrical supply with 25 m...

Posted Dec 23, 2021  to Race Truck/Bus
74000 EUR

for sale 108 super 1600 from 2021 FIA passport gems ECU DASHBOARD AIM engine TU5 JP4 / DYNO 232 hp 3 mo ETV box SPEEDLINE RIMS high performa...

Posted Dec 01, 2021  to Super1600 (RX3)
59000 EUR

Briefly the main information: Fia rollcage New 1.6 racing engine, drysump, 210HP Sadev ST-75 sequential transmission, 2 sets with manufactured driv...

Posted Nov 19, 2021  to Super1600 (RX3)
19000 EUR

Renault Clio RX Vice European CEZ Champion car. - Engine 2.0 F7R 260 HP made 6 races after full rebuild - Gearbox Sadev ST82-14 - Dampers Prof...

Posted Nov 12, 2021  to RCE Supertouringcar–
34000 EUR

Peugeot 207 S1600 Engine - Oreca Gearbox - Sadev Suspension - Reiger A lot of Spares contact for more information André Sousa andre.sousa@net....

Posted Nov 04, 2021  to Super1600 (RX3)
Price on Application

Semog Bravo 2020 with 6 races complete, race wins GSXR 750cc K8 with flashed ECU (2 races on engine) Arrow exhaust Reiger 3-way RCV Atech seat Rev...

Posted Oct 27, 2021  to Rallycross - other
19500 EUR

Semog Bravo 2018, ex Dani Sordo test car No races done -750 GSXR -Atech seat -Ohlins TTX -hydraulic handbrake -big gear indicator -hydraulic clutc...

Posted Oct 27, 2021  to Rallycross - other
14500 EUR

For sale complete rolling body of Travis Pastrana Dodge Dart RX Supercar, built by OMSE. Custom suspension Reiger Dampers Alcon brakes PWR radiato...

Posted Oct 19, 2021  to Supercar (RX1)
25000 EUR

For sale Pectel SQ6 ECU + Omega dash. Previously used in Travis Pastrana Dodge Dart. Complete wiring loom from this car available at extra cost.

Posted Oct 19, 2021  to Supercar (RX1)
2500 EUR

engine after overhaul (new pistons, valves, head, bearings ...) Engine Electronics ECU Pectel T6 + cabling + all sensor 8x fuel inkector (+4xreser...

Posted Oct 11, 2021  to Supercar (RX1)
17500 EUR

-for 8x fuel injections More info: e-mail: Tel: +420 724 960 758

Posted Oct 11, 2021  to TouringCar
1500 EUR
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