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For Sales / A Vendre DS3 WRX Ex Knapick DS3 WRX Ex Knapick 2014 reconditionnée en 2018 Moteur Oreca 550 cv Transmission Sadev SC-90 Amortis...

Posted Mar 13, 2019  to Supercar
Please Contact

Aluminium engine for sale WITH PARTS. only one race in it. Picture illustration.

Posted Mar 11, 2019  to Spare Part
33000 EUR

I'm selling my Cosworth BDG 2.0L Engine which is in excellent condition. Contact me for further info such as photos. Thanks

Posted Mar 10, 2019  to Spare Part
10500 EUR

Wurde in der Rallycross Staatsmeisterschaft -2000ccm eingesetzt. 200PS 210 Nm Motordaten: Zylinderkopf bearbeitet mit schärferen Nockenwellen u...

Posted Mar 10, 2019  to TouringCar
12900 EUR

Information about the car. Engine: Built by Van Kronenburg Motor in Netherland. HP: 230 // NM: 200. Since rebuilt drove 2 races Gearbox: SP2000 5-s...

Posted Mar 06, 2019  to Super1600
23000 EUR

Gearbox : Peugeot Sport ( short gears) Motor : 270 hp Suspentions : HP Sporting Systems : EcuMaster completely build following fia rules gold FIA p...

Posted Mar 06, 2019  to Supernational
6900 EUR

For sale Citroen DS3S-1600 Rallycross car. Gearbox:5speed Sadev/Citroen Sport/ Shock absorbers:BOS 3 way adjustable/Citroen Sport/ Brakes:DS3R3 ...

Posted Mar 03, 2019  to Super1600
45000 EUR

Car is after rebuild and fully prepared to compete in a race. The short characteristics: The engine - 564 horsepower, 705 Nm of torque. Weight - 1...

Posted Mar 02, 2019  to TouringCar
28000 EUR

Car is after rebuild and fully prepared to compete in a race. The short characteristics: The engine - 564 horsepower, 705 Nm of torque. Weight - 1...

Posted Mar 02, 2019  to Rallycross - other
28000 EUR

For sale is a freshly rebuild Tractive 6 speed (RD906) gearbox. Comes Complete with lever, potentiometer (sensor), cables, oil and original box. Co...

Posted Mar 02, 2019  to Spare Part
6500 EUR

4 different possibility configurations: New engine 248 to 276 Hp Roll bar Jas Very light Body (1030kg for hillclimb) 18 rims setup Aim pista a...

Posted Mar 01, 2019  to Supercar
18900 EUR

Fia gold passport Jenvey Reiger Motec Hewland 6 speed sequental 8 same rims ATL Alcon New engine Lots of plastics and other par...

Posted Feb 26, 2019  to Super1600
22000 EUR

1988 Lancia Delta Integrale 16V – New Turbo, – All fluids new. – Screen for wealth probe lambda probe – Radio Peltor FMT 110 – Automatic fire ...

Posted Feb 21, 2019  to Rallycross - other
16800 EUR

nieuwe schokdempers te koop van citroen c2 3 stuks vooraan / 3 stuks achteraan prijs per stuk vooraan 1400 euro / prijs per stuk achteraan 500 eu...

Posted Feb 19, 2019  to Super1600
Please Contact

Hi, i have available a brand new 6-speed sequential gearbox (Sadev ST75-14) the gearbox is ideal for racing up rallycross, autocross and with a ch...

Posted Feb 17, 2019  to Spare Part
7000 EUR

Sadev ST90-14 6 vitesses séquentielle complète avec pignon et tringlerie Parfaitement conçue pour les moteurs 2L et 3L, couple moteur jusqu’à 350 N...

Posted Feb 17, 2019  to Spare Part
5000 EUR

This is a 6-speed sequential gearbox with maximum motor torque of 500 N.m and a ST82-17 sequential gearbox, equipped with external LSD preload adju...

Posted Feb 16, 2019  to Spare Part
6800 EUR

Le boîtier est équipé d'une entretoise Renault Sport, il peut donc être monté sur les modèles C1J, F7P, F7R, K4M, F4R, etc. Nous avons également l'...

Posted Feb 16, 2019  to Spare Part
5000 EUR

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10 Car is winning Romanian Grp.N campionship. Full specification FIA Grp.N! Full tarmac and gravel specification. PECTEL EC...

Posted Feb 14, 2019  to Rallycross - other
27600 EUR

Build 2016 on new motorsport chassi. Car is builded to the highest standard. FIA rollercage. Stensbøl engine (Norway) Tractive RD 905 with dropgear...

Posted Feb 04, 2019  to TouringCar
60000 EUR

This is perfect working Honda Civic EP3 5-Speed Sequential Gearbox complete with accessories and ready to install in your car. Contact me for more ...

Posted Feb 04, 2019  to Spare Part
5200 EUR

This Engine is freshly rebuild. Because i sold the car that's why am selling the engine. This engine is complete new inside, new turbo, new clutch,...

Posted Feb 01, 2019  to Spare Part
10800 EUR

2 Litre BDG Lucas Mechanical Injection Kit, Cosworth throttle slide, fully flared trumpets, genuine original Lucas 8mm metering unit, drive assembl...

Posted Jan 29, 2019  to Spare Part
4500 USD

Mazda factory race 13 G three rotor engine complete with management,ignition , slide throttles and exhaust monifold. This is a factory race engine ...

Posted Jan 29, 2019  to Race Truck/Bus
12500 USD

almost new! 50 km ran freshly revised Rallycross transmits with all accessories

Posted Jan 28, 2019  to TouringCar
6000 EUR

For sale is a Drenth Dog box complete and ready to fit perfect condition. Available with sequential shifter and display extra. Can be ship worldwid...

Posted Jan 24, 2019  to Spare Part
4600 EUR

Welded body Half finished rollcage New Reiger suspension New Alcon brakes Stronger Escort rear axel Plastic bodykit Possible exchanges

Posted Jan 22, 2019  to Super1600
14000 EUR

Sadev ST75-14 Sequential gearbox for sale. Perfect for 1600 1400 engines.

Posted Jan 22, 2019  to Spare Part
5000 USD

My Ford-Cosworth BDG 2.0-liter inline-four was rebuilt last year after being removed from my 1971 Chevron B19 race car. First assembled in 2016 by ...

Posted Jan 22, 2019  to Spare Part
15000 USD

LOWERED IN PRICE NOYENS A&C custom build trailer from July 2018 Up to 4 cars Galvanized chassis Dhollandia 3000kg lift with fould out ramps. Curve...

Posted Jan 19, 2019  to Trailer
Please Contact

Used 2 x 30 min. Test 30 min. Sprint racing circuit in Brno 1400ccm. So, no CUP or rally, the gearbox is like new, only two have discussed. After r...

Posted Jan 18, 2019  to Spare Part
4700 EUR

NEW car is builded to the highest standards, engine from motordesign, gearbox from unic, DTA management, Ohlins suspension 3 way

Posted Jan 16, 2019  to RCE Supertouringcar+
80000 EUR

Bus in perfect condition, toilet, shower with boiler,2 TV with satelite, garage for car with electric winch and 1100 l water, comfortable sleeping ...

Posted Jan 16, 2019  to Race Truck/Bus
85000 EUR

Supercar 4x4 front diff for sale. Contact 004797728100 for more information.

Posted Jan 16, 2019  to Supercar
2800 EUR

Only 4 races since new build. Complete with pectecl SQ6/ wiring / intercooler, dry Sump. E-trottle, ALS. Garret turbo, ready to race. 420 hp / 500 ...

Posted Jan 15, 2019  to Spare Part
15000 EUR

RX2 Supercar Lites For sale! Race ready for 2019 10+ Rims for summer race and 5 for the Ice series. (Good tyres included) Spare parts, wind...

Posted Jan 13, 2019  to RX2
100000 EUR

Selling this pectel sq6 ECU, that was in a Subaru rallycross car 2L Subaru turbo 480hp used for 2 years, about 5 races per year.. https://www.coswo...

Posted Jan 13, 2019  to Rallycross - other
2000 EUR

Ford RST junior cup rallycross auto te koop/te huur. Deze RST is slechts twee wedstrijden gebruikt en dus nog in super conditie! Voor meer foto'...

Posted Jan 12, 2019  to Rallycross - other
7750 EUR

Ford RST junior cup rallycross auto te koop/te huur. Deze RST is slechts enkele seizoenen gebruikt en nog in goede conditie! Voor meer foto's of...

Posted Jan 12, 2019  to Rallycross - other
4950 EUR

Ford RST Te Koop Deze Ford RST is in de winter van 2018 uit alleen nieuwe onderdelen door VanHoofSport opgebouwd. Hij is dus splinter nieuw en is ...

Posted Jan 12, 2019  to Rallycross - other
8950 EUR

Utilisé 2 x 30 min. Test 30 min. Circuit de course de vitesse à Brno 1400ccm. Donc, pas de CUP ou de rallye, la boîte de vitesses est comme neuve, ...

Posted Jan 09, 2019  to Spare Part
Please Contact

For sale new coilover KW competition v4 Lexus LFA -high compression -low compression -rebound -hls system / front You are open to an offer. Pl...

Posted Jan 09, 2019  to Spare Part
4000 EUR

SALE SALE SALE Te koop / for sale BMW engine S14b20 (For sale is the Italian version of M3 engine, the 2.000 ccm S14 engine) Price inclusief e...

Posted Jan 07, 2019  to TouringCar
27500 EUR

This is a perfect working Sadev ST 90-14 6 speed Sequential gearbox i have for sale. Comes complete with all accessories and installation kit. Ple...

Posted Jan 07, 2019  to Spare Part
5100 EUR

Full homologation parts on FIA card Includes spare parts 2017 complete strip down, reconstruction and new engine, gearbox, service: suspensions, ...

Posted Jan 05, 2019  to Supercar
25000 EUR

*** For Sale *** Brand New Ford Cosworth Engine. 205 Block H-Shaft Rods Wössner Pistons Ford Motorsport crankshaft and camshaft Big Valves up to 8...

Posted Jan 04, 2019  to Spare Part
15000 EUR

for sale opel corsa with zomer motorsport engine AST suspension new ATL tank car built in 2017 and spare parts contact

Posted Jan 03, 2019  to RCE Supertouringcar–
Price on Application

for sale all the moulds to reproduce front rear bumpers bonnet tail gate RH door bonnet with airvent rear quarter panels and doors door skills

Posted Dec 31, 2018  to Spare Part
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rear quarter panels ford fiesta in 4 layer kevlar very strong price 200 euro each

Posted Dec 31, 2018  to Spare Part
200 EUR

Engine: Julian Godfrey! High PS and NM , Air Fresh, Pectel Ecu! Suspension: Reiger RCV. Gearbox: Sellholm! Engine / Gearbox- repaired only one r...

Posted Dec 18, 2018  to Supercar
140000 EUR

I sell the injection from the peugeot engine (TU5JP4). kugelfisher price, 4x injections, engine flange, truss (diameter 40), filter sockets for fil...

Posted Dec 17, 2018  to Super1600
Please Contact

NEW PRICE DS3 WRX Ex Knapick Moteur ORECA Suspension REIGER evo 2018 Gestion MAGNETTI MARELLI Transmission SADEV Lot de bord important Conta...

Posted Dec 17, 2018  to Supercar
90000 EUR

Damien MEUNIER vend sa Citroën C2 Super 1600 « 860 kg à vide » nouveau moteur Le Ny Compétition Evo 2018 245 ch, boîte Sadev ST 75-14, amortisseurs...

Posted Dec 17, 2018  to Super1600
35000 EUR

Super 1600 RX engine ready for 2019 Season Complete engine Gems RX80 Ecu and loom

Posted Dec 12, 2018  to Super1600
Please Contact

production/modified saxo vts 1600 very strong many podiums winning category car. lots of spares wheels panels tyres ready to race ,more info please...

Posted Dec 11, 2018  to British Modified
4500 EUR

production/modified saxo vts 1600 very strong many podiums winning category car. lots of spares wheels panels tyres ready to race ,more info pleas...

Posted Dec 11, 2018  to British Stockhatch
4500 GBP This car is prepared for rally racing on gravel and asphalt Mitsubishi Lancer EVO-VIII 2...

Posted Dec 11, 2018  to Supercar

For sale Sellholm rear diff, ratio 4.11, in very good contition. Price 2500€ Also for sale front diff, ratio 4.11, crownwheel and pinjon damaged...

Posted Dec 10, 2018  to Supercar
3000 EUR

VOLVO B-12-600, Diesel EURO3, 420 HP, weight: 14600/18000kg, available for 9 persons The RV’s equipments are below: – 9 pieces bed – inducti...

Posted Dec 10, 2018  to Race Truck/Bus
45500 EUR

compleet alles erbij wegens stop met volvo rallycross overname porsche 997 of bmw e30 m3 rally auto

Posted Dec 07, 2018  to RCE Supertouringcar+
Please Contact

sell a complete new rear axle saxo kit because everything is new with real citroen sport parts 3-way shock absorbers + VMS carbon supports competit...

Posted Dec 07, 2018  to Super1600
2000 EUR

Gearbox SADEV 90-14, there is a NEW with mileage, Cam sequential six-speed gearbox. A pair of 4.38. Lock Disk. The transmission is equipped with a ...

Posted Dec 03, 2018  to Spare Part
12000 EUR

Ds3 Wrx vainqueur des X-Games 2012 et championne d'Europe Entiérement reconstruite en 2018 Moteur Oreca 2015 + 1 moteur Oreca 2012 Boite/Pont Sa...

Posted Dec 03, 2018  to Supercar
Please Contact

Rally VAZ Super 1600 kit car The car in the factory configuration and fully complies with its homologation A-5655, ready to start. https://www.rall...

Posted Nov 29, 2018  to Super1600
19000 EUR


Posted Nov 27, 2018  to Spare Part
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Newly built 09/2015 and 1st race in 05/2016 FIA roll cage, ATL Tank, fire extinguishing system, Omp seat with saftey belts Quick release steering w...

Posted Nov 26, 2018  to Supernational
Price on Application

Available for rent with full package of team support for full 2019 European Championship season. Full rebuild after 2018 season and ready to compet...

Posted Nov 26, 2018  to Super1600
Please Contact

FIA Gold Technical passport, 5speed dogbox (H) with sperre, serial engine, built 2016, WRC Type rollcage, 2way suspension, spare chassis.

Posted Nov 26, 2018  to TouringCar
12500 EUR

Mitsubishi Lancer EVOX bodyshell -custom cages CRO-MO FIA certified rollcage -right doors, rear doors, front fenders, front and rear bumper, front ...

Posted Nov 23, 2018  to Supercar
7500 EUR

Power: 408HP, 756NM engine Lancer EVO X 4B11T 2.0L prepared on forged cosworth set including: Cosworth Forged Pistons Cosworth Fully Counterweighte...

Posted Nov 23, 2018  to Supercar
39500 EUR

For sale Pectel SQ8 ecu and display, open ecu. Now in Finland, can be send anywhere. Contact for more information!

Posted Nov 22, 2018  to Spare Part
2000 EUR

AP Racing replicas Made in Latvia Fits a disc with a diameter: 360mm

Posted Nov 13, 2018  to Spare Part
150 EUR

For sale VW Polo MK5 Body. The body was bought from a car lot that was ravaged by a flood. It has done 0 kilometers (shocks were not even compre...

Posted Nov 13, 2018  to Super1600
Price on Application

Skoda Fabia S2000 No98 chasis is an new condition. It has competed from new only in 4 tarrmac rally.(the car don’t never run in gravel) All new e...

Posted Nov 09, 2018  to Supercar
70000 EUR

Citroen c2 super 1600 British championship winning rallycross car. Very top spec Sandy Brown race technology engine no expense spared, running...

Posted Nov 06, 2018  to Super1600
Please Contact

Zomer Engine 5 Speed DogBox Reiger front KW rear Rollcage from Volland Racing with Homolgation many special parts (driveshafts, axis, wishbone...

Posted Nov 06, 2018  to Supernational
Please Contact

Renault Clio Ex Walfridsson 5 cylinder engine (built by Alf Eng Norway Car are build in 2013 transmission Unic suspension Ohlins Garrett ...

Posted Nov 06, 2018  to Supercar
Please Contact

Brakes, a set of front and rear with new discs. Front 315x28, 32 channels lghtweight. Rear 285x8.

Posted Nov 04, 2018  to Spare Part
700 EUR

Skoda Fabia. 2 liter turbo Als Freshair Selholm Pectel Complete spare parts Info Adriaan boele +31613132245

Posted Oct 31, 2018  to Supercar

on the market is a sadev st90-18 with the right bell housing the gearbox will perfectly work for a Renault 2.0 Clio Megan, Alpine, Twingo 1.6 Fiat ...

Posted Oct 31, 2018  to Rallycross - other
5000 GBP

I have Original grA 6spd Dogbox for BMW m3 E30 for sale. for more info for purchase please contact me.

Posted Oct 28, 2018  to Spare Part
5700 EUR

Mitsubishi Lancer evo X, 22000km on the clock, BODYSHELL LIKE NOW NO CORROSION ETC. Engine damaged, picture under the engine taken to show what hap...

Posted Oct 28, 2018  to Other Race Car - AWD
9500 EUR

Suzuki Swift junior rallycross car used in the British championship this year and the Btrda has had plenty of podiums and fastest ...

Posted Oct 28, 2018  to Other Race Car - FWD

For sale Citroen DS3 RX Supercar Portuguese Rallycross Champion (Supercar) engine with 1 race Turbo Garrett TR30R (Rallycross) ECU Life Racing ...

Posted Oct 26, 2018  to Supercar
Price on Application

Perfect full spec Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 in imacculate condition. Built from new in 2018 at the highest level, looking at no expenses, built on...

Posted Oct 24, 2018  to Supercar
40000 EUR

1800 FVC recently rebuilt by Geoff Richardson in the UK! This FVC is ready to race!

Posted Oct 24, 2018  to Spare Part
18500 USD

I'm selling Audi R8 LMS Ultra Gearbox - fully refreshed by Audi motorsports. 0KM since rebuild. 100% functional and ready to run.Contact me for mor...

Posted Oct 23, 2018  to Spare Part
10200 EUR

For sale original ford focus rs3 bodyshell 2017 rhd. Contact me for more info on

Posted Oct 23, 2018  to Spare Part

Cause Renewal 208 WRX 2015 003,WORLD CHAMPION WITH PEUGEOT IN 2015,EUROPEAN CHAMIPION 2016 WITH KEVIN HANSEN , damper Ohlins, GearBox Sadev, engine...

Posted Oct 17, 2018  to Supercar
Price on Application

FIA Gold passport Chassis and rollcage from Citroën Racing build in 2017. Engine : TU5JP4 with Jenvey inlet and Citroën Racing S1600 exhaust. Gearb...

Posted Oct 16, 2018  to Super1600
Price on Application

For sale two Reinsalu Sport Super 1600 Ford Ka. These cars have been built by Reinsalu Sport and raced in the Estonian rallycross championship and ...

Posted Oct 16, 2018  to Super1600
Price on Application

For sale 2 Reinsalu Sport built Fiesta mk7 Supercars. Both cars have been built by Reinsalu Sport in Estonia and ran in the Estonian championship,...

Posted Oct 16, 2018  to Supercar
Price on Application

For sale a Wilson race service trailer. All axles have gone through a complete rebuild with new parts in late 2017. Brakes and axles in great condi...

Posted Oct 16, 2018  to Trailer
40000 EUR

This is a complete 6 Speed Transverse Sequential Gearbox S1600 am selling. Please if you have interest,kindly contact me for more details. Thanks

Posted Oct 11, 2018  to Spare Part
3100 EUR

Complete bodykit for Mitsubishi Spacestar/Mirage Proto made of good quality fiberglass Kit includes: Front and rear bumper Front and rear bonnet Fr...

Posted Oct 08, 2018  to Spare Part
Please Contact

Perfect Evolution Lancer RS Evo 10. 1000B919 Engine complete with all ancillaries except power steering pump for sale. Turbo is the RS titanium opt...

Posted Oct 07, 2018  to Spare Part
5900 EUR

Kristofferson motorsports 005 chassie Polo chassie ex Marklund car Trollspeed engine 632 hp and 744 nM Unik diff Unik transmission Øhlins and ...

Posted Oct 05, 2018  to Supercar
210000 EUR

on the market is a sadev st90-18 with the right bell housing the gearbox will perfectly work for a Renault 2.0 Clio Megan, Alpine, Twingo 1.6 Fiat ...

Posted Oct 05, 2018  to Spare Part
4700 GBP

FIA GOLD passport DK-321 FIA homologation no 5636 FIA rollcage Engine : K4M renovated october 2018. DTA ecu. Fueltank: ATL 20 ltr FIA Gearbo...

Posted Oct 04, 2018  to Super1600
Price on Application

New to 2018 season Volkswagen Polo for sale. Chassis has only done 7 races in total. Car was completely rebuilt after Riga (Chassis, bodywork and...

Posted Oct 04, 2018  to Supercar
290000 EUR
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