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TU5JP4 Engine made by Vančík motorsport 205 Hp Dohnalek 6-speed sequential gearbox 3 way adjustable suspension Front and rear custom made and...

Posted Mar 05, 2020  to Super1600
19000 EUR

** Skoda Fabia Mk2 RX Super 1600 FOR SALE ** - ENGINE: Vancik Motorsport - GEARBOX: Sadev - GEMS RX80 ECU system with all FIA requirements - DAMPER...

Posted Nov 08, 2019  to Super1600
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Engine - Zomer motortsport (ECU GEMS for EURO RX Super 1600) Dampers 4 way Rieger(HS, LS, R, Corner control) Original rollcage from M-sport, Gearbo...

Posted Aug 06, 2019  to Super1600
48000 EUR

For sale Twingo RX S1600. Car is built by TTMOTORSPORT in Latvia in 2016/2017 from new Chassis. The Car is based on S1600 parts-rear axle, front ...

Posted Oct 02, 2018  to Super1600
69500 EUR

Ex Factory Citroen C2 Super1600 Citroen Sport Rollcage pass FIA Gold Pass Big Rebuild done 2018.04 (Body,Engine,Suspension...) Dobrowolski engine (...

Posted Sep 22, 2018  to Super1600
58000 EUR

PEUGEOT 206 SUPER 1600 FOR SALE!!!Reliable and top condition car. Maintained regardless of costs!!! ENGINE 228HP GEARBOX: 6 gear close ratio seq...

Posted Aug 21, 2018  to Super1600
21000 EUR

Ford Fiesta S1600 for Sale or Rent! Engine: Duratec Julian Godfrey more than 240hp... Ecu: Pectel our New Gems Rx Ecu Suspension: Reiger Brakes...

Posted Jan 21, 2020  to Super1600
60000 EUR

Zomer Race Engine Super 1600 Ford Duratec Specs 2019 ! Motor build 2019 ! 240 HP 204 NM Zomer Holten Jenvey direct to head DTA S60 Aut...

Posted Oct 28, 2019  to Super1600
13900 EUR

For sale top spec Polo S1600 MKV built by Blueenigneering *enigne Oreca fresh after rebuild 0km done *gearbox Sadev ST82-14 *dampers Reiger 3 way ...

Posted Oct 09, 2019  to Super1600
79000 EUR

Skoda Fabia RX Super1600 for sale. Car is built by Ligur Racing in 2012, full rebuild done before season 2018. McPherson suspension in front and ...

Posted Sep 17, 2019  to Super1600
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For sale Peugeot 206 S1600 / Stc-1600 Engine: 1.6 16v (TU5JP4) Gearbox: -Hewland/Dogbox 5 speed with CAE Shifter Shock absorbers: -Protlum Brakes: ...

Posted Aug 03, 2019  to Super1600
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VW Polo Mk3 with FIA technical passport -Engine: 216Hp, 209Nm, forged pistons and connecting rods, stainless exhaust manifold -Gearbox: Guaife 6 g...

Posted Aug 26, 2018  to Super1600
13000 EUR

FIA GOLD passport DK-321 FIA homologation no 5636 FIA rollcage Engine : K4M / 0 km. DTA ecu. Fueltank: ATL 20 ltr FIA Gearbox: SADEV ST...

Posted Mar 27, 2020  to Super1600
Price on Application

Possibly sale of our Skoda Fabia RX1600 Ex Volland car: Information: Engine Lehman 2020:Rebuilt 0 KM Gearbox Sadev: Rebuilt 0 KM Dampers Reiger: 0...

Posted Mar 20, 2020  to Super1600
98000 EUR

New built in 2015 from new car by blue Engineering in cz. Comes with bodyparts, bashbord, windows and casting molds for the WRC replica bodyparts

Posted Mar 01, 2020  to Super1600
12000 EUR

Sell sequential gearing 6-speed dog ring gearbox it has a max engine torque of : 350N.m (260lbs/ft) with specific input shaft , gear lever with neu...

Posted Feb 19, 2020  to Super1600
4000 EUR

Information about the car. Engine: Built by Van Kronenburg Motor in Netherland. HP: 230 // NM: 200. Since rebuilt drove 2 races Gearbox: SP2000 5-s...

Posted Feb 12, 2020  to Super1600
22000 EUR

Citroën C2 Super 1600 - Number A606 2019 engine, full spec. C2 S1600 SADEV gearbox, full spec, gears and selection with superfinishing. BO...

Posted Jan 24, 2020  to Super1600
65000 EUR

Peugeot 106 Maxi S1600 Vice Champion SuperNational S1600 2019 Engine: 1.6 16v 190+ HP Gearbox: Beckert Technology 6 gear sequential ECU: Ecumaster ...

Posted Jan 14, 2020  to Super1600
29000 EUR

I sell a Peugeot S1600 engine engine type EW Power 219HP check December 2019 Vančík motorsport more info email

Posted Jan 05, 2020  to Super1600
13500 EUR

I will sell the complete body of Peugeot 207 S1600 homologated cage Castom cage to the body interior varnished 2018 exterior painted after season...

Posted Jan 05, 2020  to Super1600
8000 EUR

Hubraum 1600ccm Zylinderkopf vom 1700er Puma Leistung 212PS bei ca,176Nm Drehmoment Drehzahlfest bis 9.500 Upm Stahlkurbelwelle aus USA ( NP 3.000,...

Posted Dec 25, 2019  to Super1600
6500 EUR

Half finished rollcage + rollcage parts Welded body Brand new Reiger suspnsion Brand new Alcon brakes Stronger Escort rear axel Plastic bodykit etc...

Posted Dec 04, 2019  to Super1600

Ford Fiesta S1600 RX 1600 zetec se and Sadev 6 speed sequential gearbox The car is completely ready to race. Sadev completely redone (Proven w...

Posted Dec 04, 2019  to Super1600
22000 EUR

Mint condition and ready to race Corolla rallycross car. 4AGE 20v Black Top engine, with cnc ported head, engine is built with best possible parts....

Posted Nov 18, 2019  to Super1600
20000 EUR

The car finished in position 2 of the Hungarian Rallycross Championship’s STC-1600 category! Ladislav Brazdil programmed the engine (210 HP). Sade...

Posted Nov 14, 2019  to Super1600
28000 EUR

engine is built by otzer steve [o,s}kms md 35 4proflex sequential gearbox sadev 5 speed fuel tank atl 12 l 10 weels

Posted Oct 28, 2019  to Super1600
220 EUR

Skoda Fabia Mk3 Super1600 for sale. Car built by KuceraRX in 2017, will rebuild before season 2020. McPherson suspension, Reiger dampers (corner co...

Posted Oct 23, 2019  to Super1600
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Citroen saxo s1600 zu verkaufen,205 PS made by Ramler Motorsport Motor und getriebe 8 Rennen seit letzter revision, haltech +Display,kw fahrwerk, v...

Posted Oct 22, 2019  to Super1600
19000 EUR

Kampioensschapswagen Belgisch rallycross 2018 & 2019 Voor informatie

Posted Oct 22, 2019  to Super1600

Volland Racing built in 2011 Ex Baumanis S1600 Rallycross car for sale! Reiger dumpers, engine and Sadev ST75 gearbox revisioned before season 201...

Posted Oct 18, 2019  to Super1600
78900 EUR

Super 1600 Duratec engine with boresize 87.75mm and stroke of 66 mm Engine as a high power version and build after Super 1600 Regulation. Engine is...

Posted Oct 18, 2019  to Super1600
20570 EUR

-Engine: 225Hp, 208Nm by TOMSON Motorsport (only 1 race after rev) -Gearbox: Beckert sequential - short 6 gears for rallycross (only 1 race after r...

Posted Oct 13, 2019  to Super1600
47000 EUR

Ford Fiesta rallycross Duratec 2000cc or Zetec SE 1600 DTA ECU Selholm dogbox or Sadev sequential ProFlex Atl tank FIApaspoort ... Multiple...

Posted Oct 10, 2019  to Super1600

suzuki ignis specially built for rallycross.Auto is competitive with european level rallycross cars.Auto with sadev 5 speed seqvential gearbox and ...

Posted Oct 10, 2019  to Super1600
10000 EUR

Peugeot 207 S1600 to sell ready to race Engine Zomer MotorSport with one race GearBox Sadev Reiger Suspension Car Ready to race with a lot of spa...

Posted Oct 07, 2019  to Super1600
Price on Application

1st European Championship 2014 2016 2017 1st French Championship 2018 2019 New engine last evolution of Lehmann in 09/2019, 4 races 4 x Reiger revi...

Posted Oct 04, 2019  to Super1600
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Car is for sale or for rent with full support services during 2020 EuroRX season Full rebuild after 2019 season and ready for 2020 EuroRX. For mo...

Posted Sep 18, 2019  to Super1600
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Toyota Corolla for Sale 1600ccm Engine Haltech Platinium, Sadev St75/14 6 Speed Sequentiell Gearbox Wilwood Breaks, Hp Sporting Suspension , Aim ...

Posted Sep 07, 2019  to Super1600
15000 EUR

+++Austrian Champion in 2019+++ Engine by Vancik Motorsport: 225hp Gearbox: Sadev St75-14 (after revision 0km) Suspension: Reiger Brake: AP Racing...

Posted Sep 05, 2019  to Super1600
65000 EUR

Buy or exchange offer You can also sell only body without engine and gearbox racing special Škoda Rapid on autocross D6 MMČR sports license Engine ...

Posted Jul 21, 2019  to Super1600
21500 EUR

Ex Set promotion Renault twingo Zomer motorsport engine only done 42 race miles since rebuild. Sadev 6 speed gearbox Fia gold passport Gems ecu...

Posted Jul 14, 2019  to Super1600
65000 GBP

Welded body Half finished rollcage by RS Motorsport Stronger Escort rear axel Plastic bodykit Brand new Reiger suspension Brand new Alcon brakes et...

Posted Jun 05, 2019  to Super1600
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Posted May 21, 2019  to Super1600
38000 EUR

We are selling parts for Peugeot 208. Complete set of windows, indcluding shaped rear window and side windows by FIA regulations. Complete body ...

Posted Mar 18, 2019  to Super1600
Price on Application

We are selling bellhousing for Sadev gearbox and Peugeot TU5JP4 engine. Custom made on CNC.

Posted Mar 18, 2019  to Super1600
1200 EUR

Fia gold passport Jenvey Reiger Motec Hewland 6 speed sequental 8 same rims ATL Alcon New engine Lots of plastics and other par...

Posted Feb 26, 2019  to Super1600
22000 EUR

nieuwe schokdempers te koop van citroen c2 3 stuks vooraan / 3 stuks achteraan prijs per stuk vooraan 1400 euro / prijs per stuk achteraan 500 eu...

Posted Feb 19, 2019  to Super1600
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Welded body Half finished rollcage New Reiger suspension New Alcon brakes Stronger Escort rear axel Plastic bodykit Possible exchanges

Posted Jan 22, 2019  to Super1600
14000 EUR

I sell the injection from the peugeot engine (TU5JP4). kugelfisher price, 4x injections, engine flange, truss (diameter 40), filter sockets for fil...

Posted Dec 17, 2018  to Super1600
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Damien MEUNIER vend sa Citroën C2 Super 1600 « 860 kg à vide » nouveau moteur Le Ny Compétition Evo 2018 245 ch, boîte Sadev ST 75-14, amortisseurs...

Posted Dec 17, 2018  to Super1600
35000 EUR

sell a complete new rear axle saxo kit because everything is new with real citroen sport parts 3-way shock absorbers + VMS carbon supports competit...

Posted Dec 07, 2018  to Super1600
2000 EUR

Rally VAZ Super 1600 kit car The car in the factory configuration and fully complies with its homologation A-5655, ready to start. https://www.rall...

Posted Nov 29, 2018  to Super1600
19000 EUR

For sale VW Polo MK5 Body. The body was bought from a car lot that was ravaged by a flood. It has done 0 kilometers (shocks were not even compre...

Posted Nov 13, 2018  to Super1600
Price on Application

Citroen c2 super 1600 British championship winning rallycross car. Very top spec Sandy Brown race technology engine no expense spared, running...

Posted Nov 06, 2018  to Super1600
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FIA Gold passport Chassis and rollcage from Citroën Racing build in 2017. Engine : TU5JP4 with Jenvey inlet and Citroën Racing S1600 exhaust. Gearb...

Posted Oct 16, 2018  to Super1600
Price on Application

For sale two Reinsalu Sport Super 1600 Ford Ka. These cars have been built by Reinsalu Sport and raced in the Estonian rallycross championship and ...

Posted Oct 16, 2018  to Super1600
Price on Application

Norwegian champion 2018! Restored before 2018 season, new Zomer engine Hewland PCT gearbox 6 speed Suzuki sport hubs and driveshafts 3 way reiger i...

Posted Oct 02, 2018  to Super1600
37000 EUR

ST 90-14 Sadev 6 speed Sequential gearbox in excellent condition like new . Comes with all accessories . Ratio are 1st 13/37, 2nd 16/36, 3rd 15/28,...

Posted Sep 20, 2018  to Super1600
4000 EUR

Built for Euro RX (FIA specs) Engine 1.6 16V type 4AGE (by Callaghan) – 1 race done DTA S60 PRO Gearbox Sadev ST75-14 Reiger dampers Massive load ...

Posted Sep 19, 2018  to Super1600
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Mini Cooper S S1600 for sale -Prepared for EuroRX in 2015 -Engine 220+hp 98E. 200 km since new. -Emerald ECU incl. launch control -Brakes Wil...

Posted Aug 30, 2018  to Super1600
23900 EUR
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